TV & Phone Rental

The Hospitality Network provides these services and fees must be paid in advance. Patients simply dial 3300 from the patient’s bedside phone to order television and phone service. Patient family members or friends may also call 1-866-223-3686 from any phone outside of the hospital during call center hours to activate services for loved ones or family members. Methods of payment for the automated TV rental service will be Visa or MasterCard.


  • Premium TV Service: $14.30 per day (plus applicable taxes)
  • Telephone Service: $4.50 per day (plus applicable taxes)

Making Calls

If you have arranged telephone service, your family and friends can call you directly by dialing 519 837-6440 and entering the extension shown on your phone followed by the # sign. To make a long distance call from your room, dial “8” then “0”.