GGH Certified as Living Wage Employer 2015-2017

Guelph General Hospital is a Supporter of providing a Living Wage. A living wage is a critical component of individual, family and community wellbeing, providing a better standard of living for workers and their households. Employers find that paying a living wage increases morale, productivity and customer or client satisfaction.

A living wage is the hourly rate at which a household can meet its basic needs, such as housing, food, clothing, utility bills, transportation, childcare and participation in community life.

The living wage has been calculated based on what it costs to live in Guelph and Wellington, once government transfers have been added to the family’s income and deductions have been subtracted. The living wage is calculated every two years by the Guelph & Wellington Task Force for Poverty Elimination with support from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

As a living wage Supporter, Guelph General Hospital ensures all our direct full time employees earn at least a living wage and we are committed to begin raising all our part time employees to a living wage.