Dr. Jennifer Caspers BA, MD, CCFP – Chief of Staff

Jennifer Caspers is a physician who continues to actively practice with a Family Medicine practice in Guelph – serving patients in both the community and at the Guelph General Hospital and Homewood Health Center. She has filled many positions within the Guelph hospital sector including Chief of Family Practice for GGH and St. Joseph’s Hospitals, Secretary, Vice-President and President of the Joint Medical Staff, Deputy Chief of Staff and, for the past nine years, Chief of Staff.Jennifer has sat on the GGH Board in her administrative capacities for 12 years. 

At GGH, Jennifer is Chair of the Medical Advisory Committee and the Credentials Committee and, regionally, sits at the Chief of Staff table and the Mental Health tables. Board experience was gained in the GGH forum and on the Boards of Guelph Big Sisters, the Edward Johnson Music Foundation and the Programming Committee of the River Run Center. Jennifer has been the Lead Physician for the Phoenix Family Health Organization, a sub-group of the Guelph Family Health Team, for 14 years.

Jennifer has always lived in a medical milieu with a Physician father, a Midwife mother, a Veterinary husband and daughter.