Appearance of Delegations at a Board Meeting
Attendance at Board and Committee Meetings
Auditor Independence
Board Chair Election
Board Chair Role Description
Board Committee Composition, Vice Chair Position and Committee Chair Appointments
Board Hearing
Board Policies Review
Board Mentor
– Appendix – Suggested Activities
By-law Revision 
CEO Certificate of Compliance
CEO Performance and Chief of Staff (COS) Performance Evaluation and Compensation Review
CEO Recruitment
CEO Succession
Code of Conduct for Board Members
Committee Reports to the Board
Communication with the Media and the Public
Conflict of Interest
Conflict of Interest Appendix 1
Consent Agenda
COS Succession
COS Recruitment
Director Recruitment
Duties of the CEO
Duties of the COS
Duties of the Chief of Department
Ethical Decision-Making Framework
Evaluations Appendix A
– Evaluations Appendix B (GCE Board Self Assessment Tool)
– Evaluations Appendix C – Checklist Nov 2021
Ex-Officio Director Charter
GGH and Foundation Joint Board Policy
Immediate Action Role of MAC
Meeting Without Management
– Meeting Without Management Appendix A – Mgt evaluation
Non-Immediate Mid-Term Action Role of MAC
Non-Union General Salary and Benefit Approval
Open and Closed Meetings and Confidentiality
Orientation and Continuing Education
Peer Review
Quality Reporting of Critical Incidents
Removal of Director for Non-Compliance
Reporting of Improper-Unethical Behaviours or Activities (Whistleblowing)
Responsibilities of the Board and Duties of all Directors
Responsibilities of Chairs of Board Committees
Risk Management
Signing Officers
Vulnerable Sector Check – Board of Directors