Contract Staff Information

Guelph General Hospital welcomes employees from other organizations who support our patients and employees. 

This page is intended to provide information about the process for getting contract staff working onsite at GGH as efficiently and safely as possible.

Forms and other Key Policies:

  1. Contract Staff Demographic Form
  2. Contract Staff Access Request Form
  3. Contract Staff Termination Request Form
  4. Confidentiality Agreement
  5. Health Review Form
  6. Police Record Check Policy

For the Employer:

The Contract Staff Access Request Form, along with the employee’s personal demographic form, must be completed and submitted by the Human Resources Department and or the Manager/Supervisor of the employee in your organization. Completed forms must be submitted to

As per GGH policies and procedures, all employees who work onsite at the Hospital must have the following completed before their first day onsite:

  1. Signed GGH Confidentiality Agreement
  2. Satisfactory Criminal Record/Vulnerable Sector Check
  3. Up to date Immunizations as per the GGH’s Immunization Policy based on the OHA’s Communicable Disease Surveillance Protocol

The above records must be kept in the employee’s human resources file at your organization, and will be requested in the event of an incident that requires follow up.

For the Employee:

Please complete the employee personal demographic form and send a photo for your GGH ID Badge and send them to your Human Resource Department and/or Manager/Supervisor to be submitted. The photo requirements can be found below:

  • Photo must be minimum of 2 MG file size
  • Photo must be in color
  • Photo should have a white background
  • If photo against a white wall, there should be no decoration on the wall
  • Look straight at the camera and take the picture from the shoulders up
  • You may smile, wear glasses and clothes that you would normally wear at work (no filters please)

You will be informed of your start date from your employer.

On your first day, your GGH ID badge and username and password will be available at the Main information Desk (Level 1 of 115 Delhi)