Instructions for take-home COVID 19 test kits

Information on this page is also available as a PDF here.

Please follow these 12 steps to complete the COVID-19 home kit and return it for testing. This is the mouth and nose swab test that makes it easier for children to get tested for COVID-19. Anyone can collect this swab. Many kids will be able to do it themselves with support of an adult.

  • Make a plan. Determine when you will be dropping off the kit to the Guelph COVID Assessment Centre. Plan to do the swab about 30-60 minutes before that. It will take you about 15-20 minutes to read these instructions, watch the video, do the swab and fill in the registration form. Do not eat or drink, chew gum, smoke or brush your teeth for 30 minutes before the swab.
  • Get your supplies ready. You will need the following materials:
    • Your test kit containing a swab, tube, label, and Test Registration Form
    • Hand sanitizer and tissues
    • Your health card (if you have one)
    • Computer or phone with internet access (optional)
    • Insulated lunch bag or cooler, plus an ice pack to keep things cold during travel
  • Practice with a Q-tip before doing the actual swab. This is important if the person being tested is nervous, has never done a test before, had a bad experience with the NP swab in the past, or is a child under 10 who wants to do the swab themselves (with an adult helping).
  • Complete the registration form. Fill out the Test Registration Form completely.
  • Print your name and date of birth on the label.
  • Do the swab. Follow the steps closely, as shown here or on the bottom of this page. Make sure the lid is on tight and the label with your name is attached to the tube.
  • Dropped Swab? Not to worry. Please let the Assessment Centre Team know you need a new swab. We have lots on hand.
  • Put everything back in the bag. The swab gets zipped into the inner pocket. The Registration should be folded and placed in the outer pocket so your name can be seen.
  • Keep it COLD. Please put the kit into an insulated lunch bag or cooler, along with a small ice pack, to keep it cold until you can drop it off. If there is a delay, please keep the kit in your refrigerator until you leave your house.
  • Drop it off. You can return it to the Guelph COVID Assessment Centre at 400 Southgate Drive during regular hours.

For what to do next, click here. If you have any questions, please call our general number or speak with any of our staff members.

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Instructions on how to do the COVID test

The instructions shown below are also available as a PDF here.

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