COVID-19 GGH Update April 2

Appreciation comes in all forms

Guelph Police Services dropped by to show their support and our “thank you” rock garden continues to grow! (click on photo to enlarge)

Gathering words of encouragement

Tomorrow, the Foundation launches the “White Heart Project” as a way for our community to show appreciation for those on Guelph General Hospital’s front lines, and for those who are supporting them during the COVID-19 crisis. Community members will be able to submit words of support which will be printed and posted for all to see (likely main lobby or staff entrance, or both). Details can be found here.

How to give feedback

  • Speak to your manager or director
  • Ask your leader to forward an idea or concern to the COVID-19 Incident Management Team
  • Send your feedback to a newly set up email: We’re developing a process as to how to share responses in a timely manner.

New phone extensions

3 east medicine unit – ext. 2244
Day surgery (in their new location) – ext. 3205

Staff screening delayed until Monday

There’s still a few details to work out such as ensuring social distancing and other safety issues. So, active staff screening will begin Monday, April 6. At that time, the only way for staff to get into the main building during the day is through a door by the Ambulatory Care registration desk (photo right). More details to follow tomorrow.


Our COVID-19 resource page on the Intranet has been completely updated with new information and an extensive FAQ section. For now, this page can’t be accessed outside the hospital.

Supporting virtual visiting

The Foundation is working with a local business to supply 20 tablets our patients can use to communicate with loved ones who are not able to visit. We hope to have these tablets here within the next couple of weeks.

Return to work process

The details continue to change often based on the direction from the province. For staff and physicians intending to return to work, please contact Employee Health Services.

Reducing the amount equipment being shared between patients

Last year, Foundation donors funded enough vital signs monitor to ensure one at every bedside. The monitors arrived pre-COVID-19 but we had been waiting for our census to be down so they could be wall-mounted in rooms. Some of this work has been done in the last week or so and poles should arrive soon so the rest of the machines can be deployed.

Save these bottles

Why? Local distilleries are now producing sanitizer for hospitals but may not have the bottles available. We can get our empty ones refilled!

Just set aside any empty bottles and give them to the next housekeeper you see.