COVID-19 GGH Update April 29

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Starting with the positive

The musicians of the Guelph Symphony Orchestra extend our heartfelt thanks to all the frontline workers in our community! This virtual orchestra performance was created with each player recording their part to a click track, from the safety of home.
You’ll see some familiar faces in the submitted photos. To view this moving YouTube video, click the image or here. Be sure to have your sound turned up!

Reporting on COVID-19 activity in staff and patients

Total number of staff tested to date230
Total number of staff with a negative test result to date191
Current number of staff with a positive test 6
Number of staff results pending10
Number of staff who tested positive and are now recovered23
Total number of staff with a positive test result to date29
Number of current in-patients who have tested positive9

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What’s new?

Working with our OHT partners
We are enthusiastically working as a member of our Guelph and Area Ontario Health Team (OHT) to help support our partners in Long Term Care and Retirement Homes in our community.  Our OHT has been working closely with our Public Health and Home and Community Care partners to offer resources to homes who may want support in areas such as Infection Prevention and Control, Pandemic planning and staffing support. This is a great opportunity for us to work together as an OHT and build those relationships which will help us in the future. 

Here, we’ve polled our staff to identify those who are interested in volunteering to work temporarily, on a secondment basis to provide support to a long term care and/or retirement facility. So far, 15 staff(!) have expressed an interest, including five RN’s, two RPN’s and two Health Care Aides, two housekeepers, a dietitian and two clerical staff. 

If you are interested in volunteering to work temporarily, on a secondment basis, to provide support to a long term care and/or retirement home provider, please take a few moments to fill out this survey by clicking on this link.

The science behind our new return-to-work process
We have moved to a non-test approach to clearing employees to Return To Work after being off with COVID-19. This was based on guidance from both Public Health in Guelph and Wellington and Public Health Ontario. 

For those interested in the science supporting our approach, our Infectious Disease Specialist, Dr. James Murdoch, has pulled together this information. 

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Resources and Supplies

Staff Support

Staff Feedback survey wrapping up next week
So far, 272(!) staff have filled out the survey. That’s great! We still want to hear from more about how well we are doing with supporting you through the COVID-19 pandemic. Please share your thoughts, comments and ideas with us. The survey is anonymous and short so we hope you will respond. Click here to complete the survey today! If you have any questions about the survey, please email

Policy Changes

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