COVID-19 GGH Update June 9

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Starting with the positive

Zero positive in-patients!!

Total number of staff tested to date302
Total number of staff with a negative test result to date269
Current number of staff with a positive test 1
Number of staff results pending3
Number of staff who tested positive and are now recovered29
Total number of staff with a positive test result to date30
Number of current in-patients who have tested positive0

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Change in Approach to Clearing Cases for Admitted Patients
The Ministry of Health document “COVID-19 Quick Reference Public Health Guidance on Testing and Clearance” ver. 7.0, May 28, 2020,defines two approaches to clearing positive COVID-19 cases:

  • The “Test Based” Approach – clearance is defined as two consecutive negative specimens collected at least 24 hours apart. 
  • The “Non-Test Based” Approach – clearance is defined as 14 days after symptom onset (or 14 days from positive test collection date if never had symptoms), provided that the individual is afebrile and symptoms are improving for at least 72 hours. 

GGH has been using the “Test Based” approach to clearing positive COVID-19 cases. The “Test Based” approach is not routinely recommended by Ontario Public Health. As such, GGH will implement the “Non-Test Based” approach, effective immediately. Please discontinue requesting COVID-19 tests for the purpose of determining clearance. GGH lab will no longer process COVID-19 swabs collected for test of clearance. 

To ensure proper specimen handling and testing, it is important to indicate the reason for testing on the COVID-19 requisition. The reason for testing can be entered by checking the “Other” box in Section 8 – Clinical Information on the requisition and recording the reason for testing. 

Patients being discharged to certain facilities (long term care home, retirement home, hospice) will required a negative swab result within 24 hours of discharge.  If testing to facilitate discharge to this type of facility, indicate so on the requisition.

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Resources and Supplies

Staff Support

Be sure to check out our COVID-19 – Staff Offerings page on our Intranet from time to time. New discount offers continue to arrive including the latest from K.B.R. Auto Parts in Guelph.


A reminder about expressing interest in working at the COVID-19 Assessment Centre
The Hospital, in partnership with Guelph Family Health Team, Emergency Medical Services and Wellington Dufferin and Guelph Public Health, continues to operate an Assessment Centre for COVID-19.

Currently, we are looking for two RNs to work temporary regular part-time, two RNs to work as Resource RN temporary full-time and employees who have been trained to register patients to work on a casual basis. Shift times Monday to Friday are 730-1930 or 830-2030 and 830-1630 Saturday and Sundays.

If you are interested in working at the Centre, please contact Human Resources via email at, and provide the following information in your email:

  • Your name
  • Your Department
  • Your role
  • Your employee type eg. FT, Part time, Casual
  • A contact phone #
  • Position you are interested in eg. RN, Resource RN or registration

You will be contacted with more information if you are asked to work at the Assessment Centre. Please note that this is an expression of interest and does not mean you will be guaranteed work.

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