COVID-19 GGH Update March 24

New fundraising campaign begins

The Foundation is launching its COVID-19 Critical Response Fund appeal today. An early donor said, “I have made the donation this morning and it cheered me up to do something to help.”

Conserving our PPE – scrubs

Our scrubs inventory is being used up faster than usual. As a reminder, staff should come to work in their street clothes and if necessary change into their uniforms/work clothes. At the end of the day, staff change back into street clothes. Lockers and locker rooms are available. Ideally, staff should wash the clothes they wear at work after their shift or have additional work clothes to wear on subsequent shifts.

Community donations of supplies

A process has been established to manage requests to and from the community for supplies. The Foundation is actively and strategically reaching out to community supporters and has had great early success in accessing all kinds of PPE. We are not issuing a general call for assistance at this point. If you have a suggestion for us, please email:

Expanded service from our Stores Department

To support frontline caregivers during these extraordinary times, your Materials Management/Stores Department will be increasing its hours of operation and support to seven days a week effective Wednesday, March 25.

Monday to Friday: 0700 – 2000
Saturday and Sunday including holidays: 0800 – 1600

After hours, please contact the Director on Call to assist with accessing supplies.

These extra hours will support more scanning and replenishing supply carts and supply locations. You may start to see us twice a day, every day for the next while.

Materials Management – we’re in this together.