Family Birthing Unit

Please note: Due to the pandemic, the visiting policy for the unit has been changed to protect patients and staff. For information about visiting our Family Birthing Unit and our Special Care Nursery, please click here.

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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Guelph Family Birthing Unit

Newborn sleeping on mom's belly

While here, your care is provided by our dedicated, caring and skilled team of professionals including nurses, obstetricians, midwives, family doctors, paediatricians, hospitalists, anaesthesiologists, a nurse practitioner, a lactation consultant, respiratory therapists, clerical and support staff. Labour and delivery patients experience one-to-one nursing or midwifery care during labour. After giving birth, both mom and baby are transitioned into postpartum care when they are ready.

Obstetrical Triage

We have a three-bed obstetrical triage area. This is where you go for assessment if you are 20 weeks or greater and think you are in labour, if you have concerns about your health or your baby’s health, or if your obstetrical provider has told you to. The staff in triage will assess whether or not you are ready to be admitted, if your water has broken or if there any issues that require immediate attention. While in triage, you and your baby will be checked. The team will work with you to make a decision either to admit you or to send you home with a plan.

If you are ready to have your baby, there are five labour and delivery rooms as well as 16 postpartum beds. There is also an operating room and a recovery room for Caesarean Sections right in our unit. For infants born early or needing extra care after delivery, we have a 10-bed Special Care Nursery. We also look after women after gynecological surgery.