Mother & Baby Care

mother holding baby

Guelph General Hospital offers:

  • High quality, supportive, patient-centered care tailored to you, your baby, your support persons and your unique needs
  • Individualized learning to care for yourself and your new baby
  • Breastfeeding information in English and other languages including; Amharic, Arabic, Chinese, Punjabi, Spanish, Tingrinya, Urdu and Vietnamese
  • Early discharge with referrals as necessary to Public Health or the Community Health Center for breast feeding support
  • The unit is a secured area to promote infant safety
  • Family visiting where brothers and sisters are encouraged to visit for short periods if they have already had chicken pox or their chicken pox vaccine. Visiting hours at Guelph General Hospital are open, though we encourage you to keep visits short and save some for home. After you have your baby you will be encouraged to use this time to bond and get to know each other, as well as to practice feeding.

Every Baby Born is Celebrated!

Every baby born at GGH is celebrated with a chime heard throughout the Hospital. Our team is focused on quality care and is always striving to exceed standards and best practices. Your experience is important to us, and we want you to have the best, safest care possible.

Breast Pump Kits for Sale

Guelph General Hospital is offers for purchase the Symphony Breast Pump Kits and Quick Clean Micro Steam bags by Medela to our breastfeeding patients. The Symphony Breast Pump Kit is reusable and compatible with the breast pumps used in the hospital as well as pumps for the home. The Quick Clean Micro Steam bags are also reusable and require a standard microwave for use. There are two purchasing options to choose from:

  • Package A: One Symphony Breast Pump Kit and one package of 5 Quick Clean Micro Steam bags for $28.25 + HST
  • Package B: Two Symphony Breast Pump Kits for dual expression and one package of 5 Quick Clean Micro Steam bags for $56.50 +HST

Packages can be paid for at Switchboard on the Main Floor (Level 1). Patients can present their receipt to their nurse or at the nursing station to receive their package.