Intensive Care

ICU nurse with patient

The Bob Ireland Family Intensive Care Unit includes 10 intensive care beds and 13 stepdown beds.

Intensive Care Services:

  • care of critically ill surgical and medical patients
  • monitoring of vital signs
  • respiratory support
  • cardiopulmonary monitoring
  • placement of external and internal pacemakers

Stepdown Unit

Stepdown services include the care of medical and surgical patients who still require monitoring and closer observation. There are also 12 portable monitoring units available to monitor patients on other units.

Intensive Care Unit Visiting Hours

Who can visit in the Intensive Care Unit?

Family, as defined by the patient and/or decision maker.
Each patient can only have two visitors at a time at the bedside.
Please speak to your family members’ nurse regarding children visiting.

When can family visit in the Intensive Care Unit?

Visiting is flexible with some restrictions. Brief visits are encouraged.
There is no visiting from 7-8 a.m. and 7-8 p.m. This is shift change and nursing staff give and receive reports at this time and need time to assess their patients.
You may be asked to leave the unit so that patients can have procedures or test, such as X-rays, and at the discretion of the nursing staff.