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Another sign of life returning somewhat to normal, vendors are returning to the Boutique!
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June 16 – Flame Candy Jewelry
June 30 – Seniors for Seniors Program

GGH News

New Values and Strategic Directions
Supporting patients who are First Nation, Inuit and Métis

Accessing Webmail remotely

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PRIDE Snaps!
Reading Ideas – PRIDE 2022
Tour de Guelph is just over a week away!
Summer Solstice Cupcake Party!

GGH News

New Values and Strategic Directions

In the previous newsletter, our new Mission and Vision recently approved by our Board of Directors were shared, Complimenting those are new Values and Strategic Directions. Below you’ll find an outline of what they represent. More chances to dive further into what this all means and the impact they’ll have will come in the weeks and months ahead.

Values are a set of basic beliefs about what really matters and guide our decisions, actions, and behaviours every day. Our values were developed based on feedback from our team about our current organizational values.


  • We demonstrate kindness and seek to understand before making assumptions
  • We treat everyone with compassion and take action to help others
  • We encourage each other in our words and actions
  • We approach conversations and interactions with empathy


  • We reflect and celebrate the diversity of the community we serve
  • We create a welcoming space that is free from barriers for all
  • We proactively invite different perspectives into our conversations and decisions
  • We create an environment where everyone feels safe to speak up


  • We care for our patients and each other with dignity
  • We uphold the trust and confidentiality others place in us
  • We are open to different perspectives and take the time to listen without judgement
  • We are truthful and kind to one another—holding ourselves and each other accountable


  • We work as a team within our hospital and with our health system partners
  • We come together to solve problems and celebrate successes
  • We seek and value the expertise and diverse perspectives of others
  • We share information and resources between teams and with our care partners


  • We embrace creativity, resourcefulness, and the courage to try new things
  • We are curious and excited to find new ways to solve challenges
  • We pursue ongoing learning and continuous quality improvement

Our strategic directions will enable us to focus on what is most important to our organization for the next five years. These help everyone understand how their work contributes to delivering on our mission and vision.


  • We understand that a strong healthcare system starts with the well-being of our people
  • We commit to investing in our team to ensure they are supported and safe at work
  • We support our team to engage in ongoing learning
  • We promote a culture of diversity, gratitude and appreciation where everyone feels valued


  • We support technological advancement that meets the needs of the people closest to the work
  • We use our technology to its fullest potential to improve safety and quality of care


  • We collaborate with our community to design a state-of-the art hospital that meets our growing and changing population
  • We commit to environmental sustainability and conservation, and building a green hospital


  • We focus on improving how we work together within our hospital between both programs and departments
  • We commit to collaboration with our partners to deliver a seamless care model


  • We include each patient—and their care partners—as a member of our team
  • We commit to increasing our knowledge & cultural competency to ensure our practices and process are inclusive, accessible, and equitable for all

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Supporting patients who are First Nation, Inuit and Métis

In recognition of Indigenous History Month, Guelph General Hospital is pleased to promote the following opportunity to all our employees and volunteers. We welcome Katrina Graham, through the Southwest Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre, as a new and valued resource to our patients, their families and our team. Katrina will be supporting patients who are First Nation, Inuit and Métis in navigating their health care journey at Guelph General Hospital. This is a new program developed in partnership with the community and exciting addition to the quality of patient care we provide.

Katrina will be leading a Hand Drum Circle to support the launch of this new program on June 27 from 9:30 – 10:30 a.m. or 10:30 – 11:30 am in the Assembly Hall (73 Delhi Street). All are welcome to participate. No experience is necessary. Hand drums are provided, and you are welcome to bring your own.

Please share your interest in participating by registering on the LMS or emailing Organizational Development ( A waitlist is set to register for future hand drum workshops and opportunities to learn more about this new program.

Did you know there is a growing inventory of training and practices related to culturally appropriate care on the LMS? Learn more: Courses| Additional GGH Courses |Organizational Development |EDI fundamentals

How do you make a referral to the new program?

The referral process can be done by contacting the Indigenous patient navigator Katrina Graham by phone at 226-476-3672 or cell phone at 519-372-6034. Consent from the client or SDM is always needed. 

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You’re likely to get the above message if you try remotely accessing GGH Webmail without modifying your browser.

Accessing Webmail remotely

Today, Microsoft officially retires Internet Explorer after a 25-year run. Now, some older web pages will no longer open without the viewer making changes to their current web browser. At GGH, this most affects those trying to access Webmail remotely. This will not impact accessing your emails while on site.

Our ITSM department has created a document to guide the remote user to make the necessary changes – here. In a nutshell, Microsoft’s current web browser, Edge, has a built-in capability to mimic Internet Explorer if needed. The instructions show how to turn on that function. It doesn’t mean Edge has to become your default web browser. It only means to access Webmail remotely you will have to use the modified Edge web browser. Should you have any questions, please contact HelpDesk.

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Other News

PRIDE Snaps!

Share your photos, showing how you celebrate PRIDE at GGH to All entries will be entered into a draw for a prize. For below images, click to enlarge.

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Reading Ideas – PRIDE 2022

Whether it’s audio or text, reading offers a great opportunity to relax and enjoy the scope of human experience and emotion. It’s in that spirit, that members of the equity and inclusion committee have connected with Guelph PRIDE and Out on the Shelf (Guelph’s Queer Library and Resource Centre) to offer the following selections in recognition and celebration of PRIDE and the richness of storytelling talent.

  1. We Are Not Like Them – Christine Pride
  2. Love That Story – Jonathan Van Ness
  3. Felix Ever After –  Kacen Callender
  4. Scarborough – Catherine Hernandez
  5. Jonny Appleseed – Joshua Whitehead
  6. Memorial: A Novel – Bryan Washington
  7. Young Mungo – Douglas Stewart
  8. The Spectacular – Zoe Whittall
  9. On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous – Ocean Vuong
  10. A Psalm for the Wild Built – Becky Chambers

Want to discuss your reading?

GGH staff – email if you would be interested in a book group for our staff.

Additional community links:

Out on the Shelf Book group – book groups and book of the month focus  Guelph Public Library – PRIDE 2022 book list

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Tour de Guelph is just over a week away!

Tour de Guelph, presented by Label Design Ltd. welcomes riders back to an in-person group-ride cycling event on Sunday, June 26 at the University of Guelph. Riders who prefer to ride anytime on their own can do so between now until Sunday, June 26.

You can still register! This community ride welcomes all ages and skill availability. It’s fun for the whole family!

So far this year, 307 registrants have raised $66,635 to help purchase three new much-needed ultrasound scanners for Guelph General Hospital and will support local charities through Rotary Clubs of Guelph South and Guelph Trillium.

Register and learn more at

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