Hospital offering expecting moms tours of its birthing unit along with information sessions

Guelph General Hospital (GGH) recently held its first monthly birthing unit tour and information session. Judging by all the positive feedback, it is an idea whose time has come.  Offered the third Wednesday evening of the month, the tour also includes additional learning stations about key elements of childbirth and the early days that follow. It is also a chance to speak with community partners to find out how their programs support new moms and their family.

The program was the brainchild of Margaret Sherratt and Sandra Santos, both nurses on the Family Birthing Unit, with support from the GGH Volunteer Association.

“Education and information is empowering for new families,” says Margaret.  “One mom who came said it was great to see the unit and know what to expect when coming here. Plus, it was great to learn about all the services in the community.”  

First time families were particularly engaged. “They can learn about their labour and delivery and the early days that follow in this exciting time in their life.”

Expectant moms and one support person can sign up. During the tours, FBU staff is available to answer questions. On the feedback form one of the attendees wrote, “I am so glad I did the tour, it really helped when I delivered my baby one week after attending the session. It was my second baby and this information was helped decrease my stress level.”

The next session is scheduled for July 17. For more information about the evening or to register a spot, please visit –