Hospital releases its new Strategic Plan

Guelph General Hospital (GGH) has released its new five-year Strategic Plan along with new Mission, Vision and Values statements. The plan was developed after extensive feedback from both the community and within the hospital.

The wide-ranging engagement activities revealed the time was right for a new plan. While the pandemic isn’t over, hospitals are better able to manage its impact. “Often, we heard the time has come to look beyond the needs of the pandemic,” says Marianne Walker, President and CEO. “This plan is our five-year map that will guide us.”

It has been seven years since GGH’s Mission, Vision and Values were updated along with its Strategic Directions. “So much has changed since then,” explains Walker. “The City of Guelph has added over 20,000 new residents and remains one of the fastest growing areas in the province. This creates more demand for hospital services yet our commitment is to keep providing the high quality care for which we’re known. At the same time, we need to strongly support our staff on whose shoulders this heavy responsibility rests.”

GGH’s commitment is reflected in its new Mission statement, “Exemplary and equitable care for and with our community,” its new Vision, “Together, a healthier community for everyone” and its new Values: “We are; Compassionate, Inclusive, Respectful, Collaborative and Inspired.”

The strategic plan benefited from having over 1,000 people provide feedback. “Thank you to everyone who participated in the consultations,” says Walker. “You were heard. Many voices and opinions are reflected in this plan with its focus on inclusivity and the right of all to receive the high quality of care for which GGH is known. We look forward working with our community partners to meet our new Vision, Mission, Values and Strategic Plan.” 

The plan can be found on the Hospital’s web site here.