Phasing in our new mask-friendly approach

Things may look a little different the next time you visit with us – there may be a few more faces in the hallways as we arrive at another milestone in the pandemic. Please be assured that we continue to take every precaution necessary to ensure you feel safe, respected, and supported in our care.

Effective today, April 17, 2023, we will phase in a new mask-friendly approach.

What you can expect in phase one:

  • Our staff, patients, families, caregivers, and volunteers, will no longer be required to wear a mask in nonclinical areas. This would include such spaces as hallways, meeting rooms, breakrooms, the Bistro, and shared offices.
  • Masks will be required in clinical areas. This would include such spaces as nursing stations and in patient rooms.

Based on how we move through this first phase, we will look to implement a second phase. We will be monitoring respiratory illness in our hospital and community. If we feel it is safe to further remove the requirement for masking, you can expect that:

  • Staff, patients, families, caregivers, and volunteers will no longer be required to wear a mask in clinical areas.
  • There will be unique situations as determined by a member of our care team, where masks will be required. This would include situations where a patient is in isolation, under additional precautions, or presenting to our Emergency Department with a respiratory illness and awaiting care. We will inform you if a mask is required.
  • We want to ensure that you feel comfortable receiving care at Guelph General Hospital. If you request that a member of our care team wear a mask while interacting with you, we will place one on.    

We will continue to remain ready to ramp up our efforts to ensure that everyone who works and receives care at Guelph General Hospital remains safe. This means we may reintroduce universal masking based on where we are at with the pandemic.

While moving to a new mask-friendly approach may be welcomed for some others may be apprehensive. Masking stations will remain available at the entrances to our facilities as well as at nursing stations for any one that prefers to wear one. Your choice will be respected and supported.

Thank you.

Karen Suk-Patrick,
Vice President, People & Support Services