We understand the challenges patients and visitors experience when parking at Guelph General Hospital. We are working to find long-term solutions to this difficult situation. Please consider the following solutions when visiting or receiving care:

  • If possible, avoid visiting / booking an appointment during our peak times;
    • Tuesday – Thursday between 9 A.M. – 4 P.M.
  • For those with an appointment, please arrive 30-45 minutes early if you are wanting to park at the hospital.
  • If you are able, consider asking a friend or a loved one to drop you off.
  • Considering using public transit. Bus Route 12 takes you directly to Guelph General Hospital. View the map and bus schedule here.

We realize this is a real inconvenience for those needing to get to our hospital. It is definitely not what we want for our patients and visitors. We thank you for your understanding as we mitigate these challenges.

Main Parking Lot

There are three ways drivers can access the main GGH parking lots which are located behind the Hospital and in front of 73 Delhi St. They can either push a button and get a parking stub, or “Tap ‘n Go” with a credit card, or tap a purchased H PASS parking card when entering the lot.

When leaving the lot, those with a parking stub can either use the stub to pay at a Pay Station with cash or credit, or pay right at the exit gate using the stub and a credit card.

Those who entered using “Tap ‘n Go” can only pay at the exit gate and must use the same credit card as when entering the lot. If using an H PASS, just tap and go.


As of August 1, 2023 we are introducing new public parking rates for our gated parking lots. As a result, rates for visitors have changed.

The Hospital will continue to offer flexible rates at the gated parking lots, including free parking for vehicles that are parked for 20 minutes or less.

Hourly Rates and Daily Pass

Parking rates are $3.00 / 1/2 hours and 13.75 daily max. Or $16.00 daily max with in-out privileges.


If you are visiting GGH regularly as either a patient or visitor, the H PASS offers discounted parking passes for the gated GGH parking lots:

  • $40.00 for 5-day pass
  • $80.00 for 10-day pass 
  • $240.00 for 30-day pass
  • unlimited in-and-out privileges over a 24-hour period
  • valid any time within a year of purchase and,
  • can be used on consecutive and non-consecutive days.

H PASS offers:

“Display and Pay”

In addition, there are a some “Display and Pay” metered spaces. Rates are 3.50/ 1/2 hour with no daily maximum. If you need to park longer than two hours, it is recommended you use our gated parking lots to save money.

The money raised helps support quality, patient-centered care at Guelph General Hospital.

Please note: There is no overnight meter parking on Delhi Street.