Marion Baldwin

Marion has a great interest in the Canadian public health system and the challenges it faces, and wants to contribute to direct improvements at home in Guelph. She desires to use her experience as a caregiver to a child who required lengthy and complex medical care to improve services and policies using her unique point of view of both acute and chronic care. She has a lengthy history and breadth of experience as caregiver at four hospitals – Guelph General Hospital, Sick Kids in Toronto, McMaster Hospital in Hamilton, and Grand River Hospital in Kitchener. She often found herself interacting with patient representatives and other staff/management there to address best practices, policies and procedures.

Her ability to work effectively with multi-stakeholders and guide projects from start to finish will be an asset to the committee. Marion holds a degree in zoology from Western University (1991) and an environmental engineering degree from University of Guelph (1995). She is a professional engineer; however her attention has turned to financial planning where she has developed a loyal clientele at IG Wealth Management in Guelph. Her favourite role is being the mother of three daughters, ages 9, 15 and 17.