Social Work and Discharge Planning

These services are responsible for programs and activities that support staff and patients to effectively cope with current issues. The department provides professional services including discharge planning, crisis intervention and linkages to the community.

The service is primarily on an inpatient basis, although arrangements are made for appropriate outpatient follow-up. The social workers work closely with community agencies (e.g. Community Mental Health Clinic, Community Care Access Centre, Family and Children’s Services, Public Health) and act as facilitators for collaborative care.

The department also co-ordinates the patient’s discharge by working with the patient, family and health care team in the hospital and community. The service ensures early identification and assessment of the patient’s needs and implements timely discharge plans that enhance continuity of care and efficient use of hospital and community resources. Community liaison includes Community Care Access Centre, St. Joseph’s Health Centre – Guelph, nursing homes and retirement homes.